Rueda Marathon! Salsa Summer Workshops ☀️

The mega popular Rueda is here, let’s dance our hearts out! Join this 3 day marathon for fun, fun and more fun! ☀️

Rueda de Salsa Casino impression


Tuesday 23, Wednesday 24 & Thursday 25 July


19:00 uur: Start
19:40 uur: 5 min water break
20:30 uur: Finish

Location: Descarga Salsa outdoors!*


€25: 1 person 1 day
€50: Couple 1 day

Combi price:

€60: 1 person 3 days
€120: Couple 3 days

*Based on the weather we dance outside (parking lot) or inside (dance school).

No dance partner available at the moment? Then you will join the waiting list and receive a notification as soon as a dance partner is available. You can read our FAQ for further details.

About the course

This is a progressive marathon, so if you join level 1, then you can join level 2. And if you do level 2, you can do level 3. So join the entire marathon for the full experience!

To join the first workshop (level 1) It is expected that you already dance the basics of salsa. A good indicator is that you at least have followed 1 salsa beginner course in Descarga Salsa. If you have never danced salsa before, we recommend you wait until completing a beginner course before starting to learn Rueda. Level 2 and 3 are of much higher difficulty than level 1.

What is Rueda de Salsa Casino?

“Rueda” means wheel is Spanish, which is the shape the dancers make while dancing together in a large group. “Casino” is how Cubans refer to this type of salsa dance back home. (There are many types of salsa dances.) Casino is a dance that was originated in sportive locations called casinos back then, which later on migrated to the entire world and was rebranded to “Salsa Casino” because it is (and has always been!) danced to salsa music.

See you there!

Ricardo & Hanneke